What do we do?

It would be understandable for young people and their families to feel angry, frustrated, or isolated when they are referred to the PRS, whether it is for a 12-week placement or because the young person has been permanently excluded from their home school, it can feel like being cast out into the wilderness. In fact, the staff of the PRS in partnership with a pupil’s home school work together to compile all our diagnostic information to plan appropriate support to either return to mainstream school or graduate into post-16 education.  The plan includes agreed success criteria and a plan of what tools will be used in their bespoke package. 






Craven PRS is a place of safety, understanding and a place to refresh and rebuild your confidence in learning.  Like an oasis in the in the desert, you can get everything you need for the next step of your expedition to return to learning in mainstream.

















Pupils, families and schools are provided with all the diagnostic analysis completed at the PRS.  Each pupil develops a tool kit to prepare them for success in the next step of their education.  Below is diagram illustrating all the learning and intervention the young person could experience in their tailored intervention plan.


The Onward Journey


To get ready for mainstream, our young people work with the range of tools shown in the table above.  They also need to be prepared to continue their journey with less support and growing independence.  Hence our tools need to be mobile.






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