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The ICT department’s main aim is to help students develop skills that will genuinely aid them in the future, whether in terms of going on to further studies or in the workplace. We attempt to expand on the students' existing ICT skills in a way that gives them a sense of the practical purposes of their increased knowledge.


All students study and develop the established common set of ICT skills. They are helped to develop their ability with word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, and databases as a starting point.


As much as possible, though, we try to introduce the students to aspects of ICT that they have not experienced in the past. We introduce them to more creative uses of ICT, such as developing their skills manipulating digital images with Photoshop, creating computer graphics, designing websites, editing video and audio, some basic programming and designing animations.


At Key Stage 3 pupils study a wide range of activities including online safety, programming through Kodu, Scratch or Game Maker to mention a few.


At Key Stage 4 students have the option of taking the ECDL qualification.

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Headteacher: Andrew Haughey


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