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Every pupil admitted to Craven PRS has been on a unique educational journey. Pupils are with us for varying amounts of time and our curriculum therefore needs to be flexible, personalised and designed to enable pupils to progress to the next stage of their educational journey. Our aim is to provide a broad, balanced and personalised curriculum that enables each child to thrive; to nurture their individual talents and raise aspirations.


We are committed to providing a positive, supportive and engaging setting that enables pupils to:

  • Re-engage in education and learning.
  • Make strong progress from their individual starting points and to experience success in learning. 
  • Develop the personal, social and emotional skills to cope successfully and ultimately thrive in school, college and wider society.
  • Leave the PRS with a range of high-quality outcomes and a secure pathway back into school or onto post-16.


At Craven PRS, we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all of our individual pupils. Our skilled and experienced team ensure that pupils make rapid progress and close attainment gaps due to missed education.


We believe that good literacy and numeracy skills are essential to ensure academic success and also success in adult life. Our literacy and numeracy strategies are embedded into all aspects of the school curriculum. All teachers maximise opportunities to promote literacy and numeracy development across their own subject areas. 

'Soft skills' and 'transferable skills' are just as important as qualifications. All pupils are encouraged to attend whole-school themed days, sporting and cultural activities and other extracurricular activities. Teaching about British Values, SMSC and PSHCE is delivered through such activities as well as through timetabled lessons and assemblies.



   Curriculum and Assessment




               Key Stage 4

At KS4, the emphasis is on preparing pupils to move on successfully to college courses and further training. Pupils enjoy a mix of academic and vocational courses with the aim of completing at least 5 high quality qualifications by the end of year 11, based on abilities and post-16 plans.


Initially, some pupils attend for a shorter school day, due to individual needs, but almost always access at least core subjects plus PSHCE. 

The PRS ensures that 'reasonable adjustments' are sought through the exam boards, where needed, to make sure they are not disadvantaged.

Qualifications currently offered at Craven PRS include GCSE's, Entry Level Certificates & Functional Skills.  We also aim to offer short certification courses in practical subjects where possible.  For further information, see:

Examinations & Qualifications


Our excellent track record in securing outcomes for full-time and part-time pupils can be viewed at:

Results and Progress


All PRS pupils receive expert careers advice, information and guidance. For more information, read the section on:


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