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Our curriculum and timetables are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of pupil needs. Whilst many pupils successfully access a full timetable, some of our pupils attend shorter days because of medical needs or illness with the aim of building up time and returning to school, where appropriate.


All of our pupils are encouraged take part in whole-school themed days, sporting and cultural activities and extracurricular activities to complement their formal timetables.  

    Curriculum Aims

  • To support students re-engage with mainstream or to support transition to specialist or post-16 provision or into work.
  • To raise aspirations and to enable students to thrive and succeed at the centre and in their next educational setting.
  • To provide the time and support that will enable students to develop the skills that they will require in order to be successful in their next educational setting.
  • To provide a flexible curriculum which can be adapted to students' needs
  • To provide a curriculum that supports students to develop their personal, emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Literacy and numeracy skills will be developed both through explicit teaching and throughout the curriculum.
  • The following core key skills required for future success have been identified and will be taught through the curriculum: staying safe and healthy; resilience; managing feelings; working with others; communication and ability to conform to rules and expectations.
  • To develop subject specific skills and achieve qualifications as appropriate, in identified subject areas, in order to support a smooth transition into the next educational setting.
  • To identify any further barriers to learning and secure appropriate support.


"Since my last visit the curriculum has been revised with a very strong focus on skills development"


Basic Skills Quality Mark Report September 2017

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