Rewarding Achievement:


Craven PRS regards positive recognition of individual pupils or groups as a valuable and effective strategy in ensuring that pupils are rewarded for doing the right thing.


Reinforcement of good behaviour and/or effort with learning is regularly given in comments to parents and carers by telephone calls following discussion at staff debriefing at the end of each day.  These are logged in individual pupil files.





A variety of tangible rewards are given in order to acknowledge positive changes in behaviour and effort with learning. The reward system at Craven PRS is age appropriate, realistic and sustainable.


Rewards are given in the form of:


  • POINTS for good work, appropriate language, being in the right place, achieving personal targets, respect for equipment, appropriate social time behaviour, wearing of correct school uniform and ensuring personal items are in lockers.



If pupils achieve 80% or more of their lesson daily points they are rewarded with a:


  • TOKEN. These are logged and recorded to show achievement and progress.


 If pupils achieve 80% or more of their social daily points they are rewarded with a:


  • TOKEN. These are logged and recorded to show achievement and progress.


Achieving 100% points in a day is rewarded with an:





TOKENS can be exchanged daily for a variety of goods from the ‘Rewards Cabinet’ including: Stationery, Healthy Snacks, Toiletries, Sports Equipment and Books.


TOKENS can also be exchanged for other privileges including: Reward Trips and Wearing Non Uniform



If pupils achieve the maximum 10 tokens in one week they are rewarded with a:




This entitles the pupil to:


A HOT DRINK AT BREAKTIME (every day the following week) and

ONE LUNCHTIME OFFSITE the following week (this will be with the permission of parent/carer and under agreed rules)


Exceptional behaviour or work is given an additional reward of a:


  • RAFFLE TICKET with the pupil’s name on. These are drawn for vouchers/prizes once per half term in assembly.



Going ‘Above and Beyond’ in any way will also be rewarded with an:


  • ABOVE AND BEYOND CERTIFICATE and ONE EXTRA TOKEN. The certificate will be given out and celebrated at the weekly ‘Rewards Assembly’

     This will be filed to show the pupil’s achievement and progress.


The pupil gaining the most lesson and social points in a week is rewarded with a:


  • TROPHY. This will be given out and celebrated at the weekly ‘Rewards Assembly’. This will be displayed in the pupil’s keyworker room for the following week with the pupil’s name.


In addition to these rewards pupils are rewarded for good attendance:


  • Prize for 100% attendance each half term
  • Prize for most improved attendance each half term






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