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Keyworker Groups

There are four Keyworker Groups, each with at least two members of staff to co-ordinate the day and provide holistic support to our pupils.  Each group is named after a hill in the Yorkshire Dales.


It can be hard work and involve lots of effort to climb big hills. However, when you get to the top and have a clear vision of what lies ahead, that effort suddenly becomes very worthwhile!

Yarlside is our KS3 Intervention group. It is usually made up of Year 7 - 9 pupils from our partner mainstream schools who have been referred to us on defined, 12 week programmes. The main aim of our work with Yarlside pupils is for them to return to school with a better understanding of themselves and what they can contribute to school in a positive manner. 

Yarlside Yarlside

Ingleborough is one of our full-time KS4 groups. It is usually made up of Year 10 and 11 pupils who are unable to access mainstream schools for a variety of reasons. The pupils follow the Core Curriculum of English, mathematics and science during lessons 1 and 2 each day, followed by practical and vocational option subjects, to help them achieve the best possible outcomes for future success.


Whernside and Penyghent are more flexible KS4 keyworker groups. Pupils in these groups are generally referred with medical conditions or anxiety. Pupils are taught English, maths and science in Yellow or Orange teaching groups, dependent on the qualifications being followed.


Pupils are often referred to the Penyghent keyworker group when they first join the PRS. Penyghent pupils attend on a part-time basis with the aim of building up teaching time and moving into the Whernside group if and when this is appropriate.  Pupils attend for core subject lessons and PSHCE.  Teaching sessions take place during the afternoon on Monday to Thursday and on Friday mornings.


Penygent Penyghent

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