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Craven PRS Improvement Plan Priorities 2021 - 2022)



Listed below are the priorities that form the PRS Improvement Plan (PIP) for 2020-2021. These have been identified as the key priorities in order to ensure outstanding outcomes for students in terms of both their academic and personal development. Each priority has been broken down into separate objectives that support their completion. This is documented in the full PIP.


Quality of education   


  • To ensure that quality of teaching remains strong to counter the effects of the Covid pandemic.
  • To implement a recovery strategy to ensure that pupils make good progress despite lost learning time.
  • To develop classroom strategies that improve students’ reading, writing & communication skills.


Behaviour and attitudes

  • To ensure good attendance of all students and groups of students  and to reduce the level of persistent absence.
  • To establish and increase level of engagement in learning of all students and groups of students in all lessons.


Personal development

  • To ensure that all KS4 students have access to high quality work experience and other experiences that helps to prepare them successfully for the world of work.
  • To ensure that an age-appropriate, Relationship and Sex Education and Health Education programme that meets statutory requirements is in place.


Leadership and management

  • To ensure that school remains as Covid-safe as possible and to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety measures.
  • To review leadership and management responsibilities to ensure they meet the current needs of the school.
  • To ensure strong levels of leadership and accountability at all levels and across all areas.
  • To take positive steps towards meeting financial and other conditions that would allow the PRS to join a MAT or other affiliation.


Overall effectiveness

  • To continue work with all stakeholders to build upon and embed the implementation of the new model from Sept 2021.
  • To ensure the service remains effective during this period of significant change for governors, leaders, staff and students.
  • To introduce a high-quality vocational curriculum that meets the needs of both short term and long term PEx and preventative pupils. 


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