Out of School Hours Contacts for Safeguarding and Health and Wellbeing

For out of school hours safeguarding advice call or email.


Mrs Wright  k.wright@cravenprs.org


or Mr Haughey  a.haughey@cravenprs.org


In Exceptional Circumstances, should neither be available on site then please contact Miss Arthurs  n.arthurs@cravenprs.org


Safeguarding in School

Mrs Wright is the Designated Senior Lead for safeguarding and child protection. All pupils should be comfortable to discuss issues with any member of the school team. Staff will always pass on concerns to the Safeguarding Leads if they have any concerns.

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Worried About a Child? Make a Referral



Where there are significant immediate concerns about the safety of a child, professionals should contact the police on 999.

Anyone can make a referral to the North Yorkshire Multi-Agency Screening Team (MAST) if you are worried about any child and think they may be a victim of neglect or abuse, whether as a member of the public or as a professional.

Professionals in all agencies have a responsibility to refer a child when it is believed or suspected that a child:
·       Has suffered significant harm and /or;
·       Is likely to suffer significant harm and/or;
·       Has developmental and welfare needs which are likely only to be met through provision of family support services (with agreement of the child’s parent).

If you believe the situation is urgent but does not require the police, please call 01609 780780 to make a telephone contact.

Should your call be outside of business hours (Monday – Friday / 9am-5pm) please still call 01609 780780 to speak to the Emergency Duty Team.

A written referral using the universal referral form must be completed and submitted within 24 hours of your telephone call.

You do not need to make a telephone contact prior to submitting a written referral should the situation not be urgent.

To make a written referral, a universal referral form must be completed. You must ensure that all relevant information, including parental consent or clear reasons why this has not been obtained, is provided to ensure that the referral can be progressed as effectively as possible. You will receive acknowledgement of your contact being received. Should you not receive this please follow up to ensure your information has been received.

Safeguarding Advice for All


Government Updates

The Government keeps schools up to date with statutory guidance to safeguard pupils in school. This document is available using the button below.

'It could happen here'

Staff at Craven PRS are extremely vigilant with regards to safeguarding and kept up to date with current policy, practice and local updates.

Where can I get information about Safeguarding?

The North Yorkshire Safeguarding Board is an essential place for important information for young people, parents, carers, staff and other school stakeholders.

Updates from NYSCB are available on Twitter

Every Childhood is Worth Fighting For!

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Craven Pupil Referral Service would like to inform you of the mechanisms that we have in place to facilitate the online safety policy at our school and to ensure we meet the online safety requirements outlined in the Government’s Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance.

We have recently implemented a software product developed by education IT and e-safety specialists, Impero.  The software, called Impero Education Pro, monitors for key words, phrases, acronyms and abbreviations that may suggest cyberbullying, concerning behaviour or those at potential risk.  It also includes a dictionary of these terms so that staff at the school are aware of the meaning and thus understand the nature of a potential incident.

The software also enables the school to enforce Acceptable Usage Policies (AUPs) for technology use by both staff and students within the school environment.  The software affords the ability to apply restrictions to internet and application access, ensuring students only have visibility of the resources they need to complete learning tasks, whilst helping to prevent exposure to inappropriate material, messages and content.  The monitoring of on-screen activity during lessons and general computer use, in real time, helps teachers to respond to misconduct or potential risk as and when it occurs.

If you have any questions about the school’s online safety policy, please contact our e-safety Co-ordinator.

For more information about Impero, visit their website www.imperosoftware.co.uk.

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