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Craven Pupil Referral Service is more than a building where teachers deliver lessons. We see ourselves as a unique and supportive service where pupils are supported across all areas of life and learn valuable life lessons.


Our staff of highly qualified teachers deliver superb lessons ensuring pupils make maximum progress and every pupil has a personal mentor to support on other areas too. Our educational expertise and personal commitment and dedication to improving the life experiences of often vulnerable young people make significant contributions to fostering a culture of mutual respect and co-operation.


That said, our primary focus must be to work hard with pupils to help them secure the best qualifications they can to give them a better chance of success in further education, training or employment.


GCSE Results 2019


We are delighted to congratulate the class of 2019 on some incredible GCSE achievements. These superb results reflect the tremendous hard work of pupils amd staff.


Pupils have done themselves proud in GCSE exams and 100% have secured places on the further education courses of their choice.  

Pupils have once again risen to the challenge of completing GCSE exams often in an incredibly short period of time, showing great resilience and determination to succeed.

The small year 11 cohort of eight pupils achieved some fantastic individual results, which is particularly impressive as most completed the rigorous GCSE courses in less than a year.

25% of year 11 students achieved 5+ GCSE at level 1 or above or equivalent including English and Maths.

Significantly more students achieved Level 2 English and Maths skills than in previous years: 25% in 2019 compared with 17% in 2018. 

100% of students that were entered for GCSE English Language and 86% of students that were entered for GCSE Maths achieved a GCSE grade despite having often missed significant amounts of school time during Key Stage 4 and 63% having less than one year of GCSE teaching in centre.


A 100% success rate achieved in Home Cooking and Arts Award.


One year 11 pupil with SEND achieved six outcomes including GCSE English, Entry level maths and science and BTEC Home Cooking and Arts Award despite no prior exam teaching and less than two terms in school.

One year 10 student with SEND achieved GCSE passes in English, maths and science after just  one term of teaching. 

Three other year 10 pupils successfully completed at least four outcomes each.


As always, Craven PRS results compare very favourably with other schools. 13% of pupils achieved both GCSE Maths and English at grade 4 or above, compared with 2% of AP providers in North Yorkshire and 4.5% of AP providers nationally (based on latest available data)

Over the past 4 years 100% of students have achieved at least one qualification compared to 58.2% of students in AP nationally and 75% of students in AP in North Yorkshire based on latest available data.


Pupils are moving onto an impressive range of further education courses that include Fine Art, Health and Social Care and Media Make Up at Level 3; Fashion at Level 2; and Multi-Skills Level 1.  

We wish all of our Year 11 Leavers every success in the future.


Some of our year 9 and 10 pupils also sat exams in 2019. Congratulations to everyone who has passed GCSE Maths and English Language,  Functional English and Maths, Home Cooking and Arts Award. We looked forward to your continued exams successes over the next year.

Click on the links at the bottom of the page to view our exam results and see how our results compare with similar schools.

Pupil Progress

Most KS4 pupils attend for one year or less and we are delighted with the progress that pupils have made during their short time with us.


We are very pleased that last academic year (2018-2019):


100% of pupils made at least 1 level of progress from Baseline at the start of the year in English and Science. 83% of pupils made at least 2 levels of progress from Baseline in English. 50% of pupils made 2 levels of progress from Baseline in Maths. 17% of pupils made 3 levels of progress from Baseline in Science.



In 2019, 75% of Year 11 Leavers  (6 out of 8 students) made more than one level of progress in English and Maths, based on progress from their baseline at the start of the year or on entry to the PRS, where later. 63% of students made two or more levels of progress in English over the same time.


​Progress in Year 10 for those students who have just started, is affected by the short length of time that they have been placed at the school. However, 100% of students have made one or more levels of progress across the Year from their baseline on entry in English and 83% have made one or more levels of progress in Maths from their baseline on entry. 


​One year 10 student with SEND achieved GCSE passes in English, maths and science after one term of teaching. The grade 3 pass in English Language represented 2.67 levels of progress over one term.

The progress of Pupil Premium students from their baseline on entry is good.  In 2019, there were one PPG students in the Year 11 cohort, who achieved 8 outcomes, including GCSE English and maths, and despite being a part time pupil.

Craven PRS Results 3 Years' Comparative Data

Take a look at how attainment data has compared over the last 4 years.

Comparative Attainment Data 2016-2019
Table Showing Comparative Attainment Data for Year 11 Leavers from 2016-2019
Three Years Comparative Data 2016 to 201[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [94.6 KB]


School Performance Tables- Click Here                                                     (Please note - Pupil Referral Units Data is not held on the Government Website)

Please see the links below to access the data for our year-on-year comparisons of KS4 exam results. We consistently out-perform regional and national Alternative Provision establishments in almost all areas of attainment. We are striving to do even better across all areas in the coming years.

How well does Craven PRS compare with other schools against performance measures? 2016-2019
Comparing GCSE Overall Results 2016 to 2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [69.8 KB]
How well does Craven PRS compare in the Core GCSE Subjects? 2016-2019
Comparing Core GCSE Results 2016 to 2019[...]
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