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Alpasta and Dougal Visit the PRS


On Monday 16th July we had a visit from the animals of HART in Littondale.


HART Farm is a not-for-profit organisation which was set up in 2011 to help children cope with difficult situations.


All the young people in the PRS got to meet the guests and enjoy stroking and engaging with the animals which came along, this included a miniature donkey, a pygmy goat, her 2 week old baby and special guest: Alpasta the Alpaca.


PRS Students Visit Bradford

On Friday the 27th April, a group of students visited Bradford as part of our activities to develop our understanding of cultural issues.


The students went in two groups.  The first group visited Shree Laxmi Narayab Hindu Temple in order to learn about the Hindu religion.  The group were taught about the Hindu Gods and Hindu symbols before visiting the main prayer hall within the Temple.  Within the hall itself, students saw the shrines to each of the Gods and learnt about how people worship in the temple.


A second group of students visited Madni Masjid Mosque to learn about the Muslim faith.  Students were taught about Islam before touring the Mosque in order to understand how Muslims worship.


Following the visits to the places of the worship, the group all went together for a traditional Asian meal at Kashmir restaurant in the centre of Bradford.  The meal was greatly enjoyed by students and staff.




This years’ visit from Live Music Now musicians saw a four-man band called Maia come into school for the day to run workshops for most of our KS3 and KS4 pupils.


The day consisted of performances by Maia during which they played their own compositions and demonstrated the variety of instruments they’d brought in. They discussed how to write and compose songs and they encouraged every pupil to have hands on participation in the performances.


Activities included playing a wide range of percussion, keyboards and stringed instruments including beat box, bongo drums, ukulele, guitar, electronic keyboard and some of the pupils even got to conduct the band members!


A number of our students revealed exceptional keyboard skills and impressed our visitors, staff and his peers by joining in with the band to play numbers by Coldplay. A great day was had by all and the feedback from Maia about their enjoyment of working with our pupils was excellent. 




In November, a group of pupils and staff from Craven PRS visited RHS Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate. It was a cold day but fine, just right for exploring the gardens.


The first part of the trip was to explore the wonderful gardens and identify the traditional winter plants such as holly, ivy and the different types of evergreen trees. Pupils were then taught about the customs and traditions associated with these plants.


Pupils then returned to the Learning Centre where they created seasonal decorations to celebrate Christmas using natural materials collected from the gardens and made imprints in clay.


The final end to a wonderful day was a visit to Bettys famous café which is on site at Harlow Carr. Pupils and staff were treated to a drink and a fancy cake of their choice.


Students raise over two hundred pounds for McMillan


On Friday 29th September, students and staff took part in The Big MacMillan Coffee Morning. 


The students had spent the week preparing for the event by baking scones, biscuits and cakes, which were then delivered by the students to local businesses who had agreed to take part. 


Students also hosted their own coffee morning and a large number of parents attended.  The students helped to serve drinks and cakes to those that attended.  The event was a resounding success and as a centre, we raised £233.63.


Well done to Mrs Lilley for leading us through the process of gaining the 'Basic Skills Quality Mark'


This national accreditation is awarded to schools which meet the Quality Mark Standard and will last for three years, after which a renewal assessment is required.


The Basic Skills Quality Mark promotes, supports and celebrates progress and improvements made by a school in English and mathematics. Without these ‘basic skills’ of good communication, literacy and mathematical skills, individuals are disadvantaged throughout their lives – as learners, in the workplace and as parents, consumers and citizens and so they form the ‘bedrock’ of a good education.


To achieve a Quality Mark schools have to undergo an assessment, carried out by an external accredited assessor, against the 10 ‘Elements’ of the Quality Mark framework. These cover key aspects of the school’s improvement agenda, including the identification and analysis of the school’s needs; strategic planning; target setting for improvement; intervention and support for pupils under-achieving or under-attaining; provision of quality in both teaching and in resources; staff development; and active engagement with families. Effective monitoring and evaluation are also  required - particularly to achieve renewal when continuing development by the school and evidence of impact of actions must be demonstrated. 


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