Whole School Literacy Pledge

At Craven PRS we know that literacy is the key to all our future endeavours and life long learning.  As such we are dedicated to ensuring that all young people who come to us have this belief and ability supported for growth.


On arrival at our school all students sit a reading assessment with GL Assessment which gives their reading age, sentence completion score and passage level score cross referenced with a national data bank.  Through this we are able to look to where both areas of weakness and strength are to be found and may tailor their personalised reading, writing and general teaching and learning interventions against these findings.


Our school has reading and writing expectations which are that we believe you can:

  • ​Use full sentences;
  • use Standard English;
  • Take pride in your presentation;
  • Aim for accurate spelling and grammar;
  • use talking, planning and modelling to improve your writing;
  • learn new vocabulary every day;
  • ask if you don't understand;
  • READ!


Reciprocal Reading


Reciprocal Reading is a method used to help develop students' reading skills, promote deeper thinking and to develop listening and talking skills.  When using Reciprocal Reading roles pupils are focusing on key information in the text and examining the text more carefully.  Reciprocal Reading is also known as Reading Detectives or Book Detectives in Primary settings.


If you want to help your child progress in their reading then try using some of the strategies below to help them decode the text.


The Roles​


The Leader: The leader decides who will do what.  They are in charge of the group! The Leader introduces the text and must try to ensure everyone is joining in and following the text.  This is an important role and it may be best to allocate it to the most responsible student.


The Predictor: The Predictor asks all the readers to make predictions about the text.  What do you think will happen? What will happen next? What will this character do and why? The Predictor uses information form what they already know or have experienced to predict what will be in the text.  The Predictor aslo asks each member of the group and gathers their ideas before the group reads on.  This role could be done at the end of a reading session, preparing the students for the next part of their reading.  The Predictor can also check the accuracy of the predictions made.


The Clarifier: The Clarifier helps the group to identify confusing words, sentences and ideas.  They help the group to understand the text.  It can be useful to ask each reader to highlight confusing words, sentences and/or passages for discussion as soon as the reading is over.


The Summariser: The Summariser helps the group to identify the most important ideas in the text.


Other roles: The questioner; the illustrator; the passage maker (most interesting passage and justify this); the feelings finder and the link maker.








IXL Interactive Learning Platform  https://uk.ixl.com/

To help our students move their literacy and numeracy forward and enable a clear diagnostic tracking of strengths and weaknesses in both Maths and English skills we provide an online learning platform which our students can use both in and out of school, or indeed anywhere in the world!


All students have access to IXL, introduced in March 2022.  There students can select work to suit the level of challenge they feel ready for that session in either numeracy or literacy.  There are levels available from Reception to Year 13, thus enabling any gaps in their knowledge to be filled, revisited and revised.  This is particularly important for those students who have missed time in school during either Covid absences/school closures/lockdown, or due to other personal reasons.


If you have lost your log in or password, please ask Mrs Wright.


Mrs Wright (k.wright@cravenprs.org.uk) can be contacted with any queries regarding reading, writing, speaking and listening or English.  She is able to track the student progress live, or in retrospect and see which skills need further focus.  If you wish to ask questions regarding the Maths curriculum, please contact Mr Haughery (a.haughey@cravenprs.org).






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